Fish Farming

Aquaculture is a growing part of the world’s food supply. Fish raised on farms require clean, oxygenated water to grow and stay healthy. Naturally occurring microbes are also necessary to eat waste and keep the water clean, they both require large amounts of dissolved oxygen.

Fish and other important aquatic species raised on farms, require clean, oxygenated water to grow and stay healthy. Low dissolved oxygen (DO) levels are a major cause of stress, poor appetite, slow growth, disease susceptibility, and death. The Nano GasTM process improves aquaculture production by increasing DO while providing a superior living environment for both aquatic species and waste- eating microbes.

Current aeration methods to oxygenate water are inefficient, energy-intensive, and limited in the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) levels they can achieve. If the water environment could be more oxygen-rich, both fish and microbes would grow faster-improving production and return on investment.

Nano Gas™ can deliver high levels of dissolved oxygen up to 3 times higher than traditional aeration systems.

Nano Gas Technologies is currently seeking customers interested in performing a pilot study that will lead to full implementation of the technology to solve existing oxygenation challenges in the aquaculture industry. The Nano GasTM process uses considerably less energy with low overall operating and maintenance costs. Since the process is fully mobile and scalable, nanobubbles are easily produced on site.