Food & Beverage

In food processing applications, water is used as an ingredient, an initial and intermediate cleaning source, an efficient transportation conveyor of raw materials, or the principal-agent for sanitizing plant machinery and work areas.

As a result of the extensive use of water, the food industry’s primary concern is that water and wastewater are handled in the most cost-effective method and reused in whatever capacity possible to reduce costs.

The main concern is also to reduce regulated constituents to permissible levels before effluent can be discharged into the municipal systems.

Although the processes may be unique to each application, they generally share the similar purpose of the breakdown of FOGs (fat-oil & grease), oxygenation, and reduction of various harmful chemicals and separation and precipitation of solids. Incorporating Nano Gas™ into this various treatment system is the most direct, cost-effective, and natural solution that does not involve the use of chemicals.

Typical industries are:

  • ​Bakeries
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Breweries
  • Candy Manufacturing
  • Cook plants
  • Dairy Products
  • Flavors, Additives
  • Ice Cream Manufacturing