Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry vertical is where we are the new gamechanger in treatment, chemical reduction, produced water & soil remediation of chemical contaminants, and enhanced oil recovery.
  • Clean and repair tubes, wellbore, and reservoir.
  • The Pulsator with Nano Gas induces frequencies and heat to remove built-up salts, iron, paraffin, and oil from pipes and geology.
  • Nano Gas lubricates the formation. Nano Gas pushes the oil off the pores.
  • The charge on the tiny bubbles pulls tiny oil droplets away from the water, demulsifying the water.
  • When enough oil gathers to the nanobubble, the oil naturally wants to rise. It pulls the nanobubble with it.
  • This process is enhanced with the use of our two special gases for this application.
  • Bioremediation is the digestion of hydrocarbons by microbial colonies present in the solution.
  • After digestion, CO2 and H2O are released however it is a slow process. This process can be accelerated with the addition of Oxygen, a prime component required in the respiratory & digestive process.
  • Exposure of Oxygen to bacteria is also a key element, Nano Gas water saturated with O2 provides a concentration of 500 billion Nano bubbles per liter, exponentially accelerating the digestive process.