What are Nano Bubbles?

Nano Bubbles of air, oxygen, nitrogen, methane, and other gases, are ultrafine bubbles as small as 40 nm with unique properties that make them superior to larger bubbles in many areas.

We all know what happens to air bubbles in water: They float to the top and disappear. When looking at smaller bubble sizes, such as those below 375 nm, this is not the case. These bubbles have no appreciable rise rate and therefore stay suspended in the fluid. Nanobubbles are stable over a long time due to their overall negative charge which prevents coalescence. We have achieved nanobubble concentrations as high as ~5.5 x 1010/liter.

And so what?

Our Nano Gas generation system can rapidly deliver up to 500 billion Nanobubbles/liter of nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, ozone, methane, or other gases in stable water solutions. This form represents a new purpose across industries. In the Oil & Gas Industry, it enables cost reduction, profit adding and environmental applications in oil recovery, treatments, produced water & soil remediation, chemical contaminants removal, and enhanced oil recovery.

The Nano Gas Technology Bubble Generation

The NGT bubble generation system is unique in the market space of making nanobubbles. Our patented solution is the only one delivering true novel nanobubbles. They are not made out of traditional cavitation, membranes, ceramic discs, or sonication methods. Our patented approach makes them smaller, more capable and they stay in solution for months, not weeks, days, or hours. The difference is that our bubbles work, do not rise in solution, and continue to work.

The Nano Gas Technology intelligent low manning solution

The NGT Solution runs on an AI self-driving capable and powerful chip that collects senses and reacts to events without intervention. It uses AI algorithms and reinforcement learning methods to optimize itself and determine the most optimal next process step.
Nano Gas supplies a low manning/remote or autonomous capable control and analytics system (KNOX) for the NG 20-30 units. By interrogating large amounts of real-time data collected from NG 20-30 at the edge, the KNOX monitors, senses, self-learns over time, predicts and provides optimal control of the nanobubble generators and associated sensors and equipment in the ecosystem surrounding the NG 20-30 (i.e., air, O2, water, etc.). The system “drives” the ecosystem at the edge and optimizes its machine learning models in the cloud. The KNOX solution can both be used as stand-alone or as a bolt-on to interact with clients existing SCADA. The NG 20-30 and the control solution provides a powerful and state of the art design, monitor, control, analytics, and reporting engine that provides viewing on mobile and screen devices.