Domestic and International Granted Patents

At Nano Gas™ Technologies, we’re always exploring new ways to solve the world’s problems with eco-friendly and cost-effective technology. As we continue to innovate, we also add to our long list of patents. You can view our list of domestic and international granted and pending patents below.


Granted Patents

Machine and process for providing a pressurized liquid stream with dissolved gas

  • United States (US9586186B2)
  • Mexico (MX366066B)
  • European Union (EP3068734)
    • Germany (60 2014 070 587.1)
    • Netherlands (E3068734)
    • Norway (NO/EP3068734)
    • Belgium
    • Switzerland/Liechtenstein
    • France
    • UK
    • Ireland

Continuation in Part

Nano Gas flooding of subterranean formations

Nano Gas shear processing

Treatment of subterranean formations


  • United States (US11193359B2)

Nanobubble Dispersions Generated in Electrochemically Activated Solutions

  • Owner: Disruptive Oil and Gas Technologies, Inc.
  • United States (US 11896938)


Pending Patents

Methods of affecting separation

Nano Gas shear processing

  • PCT (WO2018200815A1)
  • Canada (CA3098673A1)
  • Europe (EP3615188A4)
  • Chile (CL2019003083A1)
  • Saudi Arabia

Treatment of subterranean formations

  • Continuation